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Three things your employees MUST know about dealing with a workplace fire

by , 08 September 2014
When it comes to workplace fires, it's all hands on deck.

Every employee can be of use in some way. But those who want to help in need to know how or they'll just be in the way.

Even if you have designated fire fighters and first aiders, you should still give your other employees instructions on how they can help during a fire.

And that starts by telling your employees these three things about helping during a fire...


Give your employees these three instructions about helping during a fire

Instruction #1: Help everyone get out of the building
One of the best ways your employees can help is to assist others out of the building. If someone inhales smoke they may struggle to get out, so your employees can help them.
They just need to ensure they don't put themselves in danger when they do this.
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Do your employees know about the different fire equipment?
Instruction #2: Help fetch and carry equipment
If, for example, your first aider is busy helping employees with injuries, others can help fetch them any other equipment they need. This helps the first aider do her job quickly and effectively. Just ensure your employees know they can't help with the actual first aid unless they have the right training and qualifications.
Instruction #3: Stay out the way
Even if your employees want to help, sometimes the best thing they can do is just stay out the way. If everyone if rushing around and trying to help, it'll just be more chaotic. In these situations, they should rather go to the emergency evacuation area and only help if you ask them to.
There you have it. Give your employees these three instructions on helping during a fire and they can all be of some assistance.

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Three things your employees MUST know about dealing with a workplace fire
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