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Three tips that'll help turn your workplace into a health and safety dream

by , 24 June 2014
You know how important it is to protect your employees from injuries at work. You know that you have to put in safety precautions that'll keep them safe. But have you forgotten about protecting their health?

Did you know it's harder to protect your employees from poisons or bacteria than it is to protect them from falling from a height? It's true! But it's no less important.

Illnesses can seriously affect your employees the same way an accident can. But with these three tips, you can turn your workplace into a HEALTH and safety dream...

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Improve your employees' health with these three tips

You need to be aware of the health risks involved in your workplace. You must deal with anything that can make your employees sick at work. 
To help you do this, we suggest you:
Tip 1: Do a health risk assessment. Here you need to look out for any harmful substances that can make your employees ill. And look out for situations where they'd be exposed to bacteria.
You must remember that even if you can't see these health risks, they're still there, so you need to do careful a risk analysis. 
Tip 2: Give your employees OHS training on health issues. These can be anything from basic hygiene tips to how to clean up after working with a dangerous substance. 
It's important that your employees understand how to protect themselves from illnesses too.
We have one more tip that can help you ensure your employees stay healthy...
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Tip 3: You can protect your employees from health risks with PPE

You probably think that PPE is just for protecting your employees from injury, but they're more than that.
PPE such as gloves and masks can be very important for protecting your employees' health. They can stop your employees from spreading germs or absorbing harmful substances. 
With these three tips, your workplace will be a clean, hygienic and a safe place for all your employees to work. 

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Three tips that'll help turn your workplace into a health and safety dream
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