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Three ways to keep your employees invested in safe working practices while they work

by , 27 November 2014
The key, when it comes to health and safety, is to keep your employees invested in it. They have to care about their safety at work so they stick to your health and safety programme.

But, if you just say the same things over and over, your employees will tune out. After all, if you tell your employees that not following safe working procedures is dangerous without backing that statement up, they may just think you're saying it because you have to.

And if employees don't believe your health and safety message, they'll become lazy about following your safe working procedures.

To curb this, you need to find ways to keep your employees invested and interested. It's the only way to ensure they'll stick to safety working practises.

Today, I want to show you three ways you can do just that.

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Keep your employees invested in your company health and safety by doing these three things

1. Use demonstrations, examples and case studies
It's not enough to just say 'it's dangerous not to use safe working procedures.' You have to prove it to your employees. A great way to do this is to give them examples or case studies. 
You can show them articles about what happened to someone who didn't follow safe working procedures. If you can show your employees the consequences, they'll actually believe there's merit to your warning. 
If you want to use demonstrations, for something such as chemical safety, get a trained professional to show your employees what happens if chemicals come into contact with, for example, skin. It's important to get someone in who knows what he's doing because these demonstrations can't actually harm anyone. 
2. Use a unique or unusual theme in your health and safety training to create more interest
Giving a theme to your health and safety training will encourage your employees to pay attention, even if the core message is still the same.
A great example of this is the Mafube mines and their Risky Disky health and safety programme. Their programme uses soccer as an analogy and theme for workplace health and safety. It was a resounding success and their employees all commented on how engaging the training program was. 
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3. Get your employees involved with health and safety assessments

If your employees can see health and safety from your perspective, they may understand the drive behind your health and safety message. 
For example, ask your employees to help you assess your equipment. If they understand what dangers there are and know how to recognise them, they're more likely to follow your safe working procedures. 
With all three of these methods, show your employees the dangers and how they'll affect them (e.g. If they lose an arm in an accident they can't work anymore). Then show them how your health and safety measure work to protect them from these dangers. 
This way, your employees will understand the need for health and safety and, therefore, remain invested in it. 
To find out more about health and safety training that will keep your employees informed, check out the Health and Safety Training Manual

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