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Three ways your employees can help each other during an emergency

by , 08 September 2014
When emergencies, such as a fire, strike and your workplace falls into chaos, you should instruct your employees not to adopt an 'every man for himself' attitude. Yes, it's important that each person gets out safely. But you should encourage them to help their colleagues if they can.

And that's why you need to tell your employees how they can help each other.

Here's how...


Your employees can help their colleagues in three ways during an emergency

#1: They should help fellow employees out of the building
If one of your employees is struggling to get out of the building if, for example, they inhaled smoke or they have an injury, your other employees should help them out of the building.
This is one of the most important ways your employees can help their colleagues.
#2: They must alert the first aider if a colleague needs treatment
If a colleague has an injury, your employees must alert the first aider and make sure that person gets treatment. They must also remember they can't give any first aid treatment unless they have the training.
Read on for the last thing your employees can do...
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#3: They can help keep their colleagues calm
If a colleague is panicking and causing greater distress among the rest of your employees, someone must help calm them down. Otherwise your employee's panic may cause everyone else to panic.
Your employee can do this just by talking calmly to their colleague, holding their hand and reminding them to breath slowly.
By knowing how to help each other in the event of a workplace emergency, your employees can make a bad situation much easier to manage. 

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Three ways your employees can help each other during an emergency
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