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To deal with workplace disasters, your emergency plan needs to contain these four must-haves

by , 23 October 2014
Emergencies can happen at any time and they could have a devastating effect on your workplace. But if you prepare for them you can limit this devastation.

To be prepared for something so unpredictable, you need to cover all your bases. That's why you must create an emergency preparedness plan with these four elements...


Four elements you must have in your emergency preparedness plan

Your emergency-preparedness plan must contain:
1. Details of emergency personnel
These emergency personnel will include:
An emergency coordinator ;
A deputy (if you choose);
Evacuation wardens (each department should appoint these to ensure effective evacuation of your whole business);
First aiders; 
Fire team members; and  
Electricians or other artisans (who can be useful in isolating the power or machinery if this becomes necessary).
2. Training 
Train all the emergency personnel you appoint so they can do their jobs. Also train all your employees on your emergency evacuation procedures. 
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WARNING: Just because you've appointed a first aider and have a first aid kit in your office doesn't mean you've done everything to protect your employees
Do your first aiders know what it is?
3. Procedures 
These procedures must include your emergency evacuation plan and a breakdown of what all your emergency personnel must do during this time. 
Check out the Fire Safety Toolkit for an example of an emergency evacuation procedure. 
4. Equipment
This equipment must include fire extinguishers that you've mounted on the walls of your workplace or placed in an easily accessible place. The other piece of equipment you need is a first aid kit with all the essential equipment.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on how to prepare for workplace emergencies. 
If you need more advice on preparing for emergencies, visit the Health and Safety Club and ask our experts. They're always ready to answers questions and give advice. 

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To deal with workplace disasters, your emergency plan needs to contain these four must-haves
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