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To reduce the stigma of HIV in your workplace, follow these three rules

by , 12 November 2014
You have to protect employees at work. But not just physically. You need to protect them mentally and emotionally too.

With that in mind, consider this scenario. You have an HIV+ employee, Thato. She's healthy despite her disease, but her colleagues treat her with distain. They see her as diseased and dangerous.

This puts a lot of emotional and mental strain on Thato. And it's your job to protect her against this kind of abuse.

The best way to do this is to reduce the stigma of HIV in your workplace. You can do that by following these three rules...


Follow these three rules to reduce the stigma of HIV at work

Rule 1: Never treat her differently
If you treat Thato differently, her colleagues will pick up on it and they'll follow suit. You need to apply the same rules and standards across all of your employees, regardless of their health.
And, if Thato comes to you and asks to transfer to a different job in the company because of ill health, try to accommodate her request without displaying preferential treatment. 
Rule 2: Train your employees on HIV
The best way to reduce the HIV stigma is to educate your employees. If they understand that Thato isn't a walking disease, they're learn to respect her.
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Reduce the impact of HIV on your workforce
How you may ask?
By educating your employees on:
How to prevent HIV;
How to prevent spreading it;
How to work with HIV or Aids; and
How to manage HIV or Aids.
You can minimise the effect their health and HIV status has on your business!
Rule 3: Never shy away from open discussions about HIV 
If Thato wants to talk openly about her experience during a training session, don't shut her up and act like it's a taboo topic.
Getting employees to openly talk about HIV/AIDS is a vital part of reducing the stigma.
By following these three rules you can reduce the stigma around HIV in your workplace and help employees like Thato.
Check out HIV – Training in a Box for more on educating your employees about HIV at work. 

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To reduce the stigma of HIV in your workplace, follow these three rules
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