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Two items you legally have to include in your health and safety budget, no matter what industry you're in

by , 23 December 2014
Every industry has different health and safety needs. After all, employees in an office don't face the same kind of dangers construction employees do.

But health and safety is still important for every industry. That means no matter what kind of company you run, you need to budget for health and safety.

Now what you might not realise is there are certain health and safety requirements every single industry must have and budget for.

Read on so you can make sure your health and safety budget includes them...

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How to prepare your Health and Safety Budget
No matter what industry you're in, make sure your health and safety budget includes these two items
1. First aid
Every company, regardless of its industry, must have first aid measures in place. This means they need at least one first aider and a first aid kit. 
This means your health and safety budget must include the cost of first aid training. And remember if you need more than one first aider, you have to budget for training for two people. You can find the first aider to employee ration you need to follow in the Health and Safety Advisor
Then you have to budget for these nine pieces of first aid kit equipment. This must include: 
1. Wound cleaner/antiseptic (100 ml);
2. Swabs for cleaning wounds;
3. Cotton wool for padding (100 g);
4. Sterile gauze (minimum quantity 10);
5. 1 Pair of forceps (for splinters);
6. 1 Pair of scissors (minimum size 100 mm);
7. 1 Set of safety pins;
8. 4 Triangular bandages;
9. 4 Roller bandages (75 mm x 5m);
There are another nine pieces of first aid kit equipment you need to budget for. You can find the full list in the Health and safety Advisor.
Remember you have to constantly restock your first aid kit as you use up your equipment. 
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Will your employees know what to do?
Will they:
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Know where the nearest exit is so they can leave the premises as quickly as possible?
Follow an evacuation plan?
Or will they run around screaming and bumping into each other in panic?
It's your legal obligation to make sure they know what to do and where to go!
2. Fire safety 
Fires can start in any company, at anytime. This is why every business, in every industry must have fire safety equipment and employees that know how to use it. 
In your health and safety budget, include the cost of training your fire fighting team. This training must show them how to safely handle workplace fires. And remember, everyone in your fire fighting team needs this training so budget for all of them. 
Then include the fire equipment in your budget. You must make sure you budget to replace any fire extinguishers that are too old for safe use. 
Lastly, budget for your emergency safety signs. These must include signs that show where the fire extinguisher is and ones that points to the emergency exists. 
You might also need to budget for time lost to do emergency evacuation training with the rest of your employees. 
Don't forget about the specific health and safety requirements you'll need depending on your industry. You can find a list of 21 possible items in the Health and Safety Budget.

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Two items you legally have to include in your health and safety budget, no matter what industry you're in
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