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Two natural disasters that could destroy your company in seconds

by , 26 September 2014
Here in South Africa we're lucky that we don't experience many natural disasters. But lately Mother Nature has sent us some warning signs such as the three earthquakes we've had in the past year.

This may be a clue that you need to prepare your business for even worse situations. There are natural disasters that could tear your company apart in seconds if you don't have the right preparation.

That's why we're revealing two of these natural disasters so you can prepare for them today...


Prepare your company for these two natural disasters today

1. Earthquake
The three earthquakes we've had have been fairly small. This doesn't mean they won't get worse if others happen.
A serious earthquake could easily shake your company to its foundation if it's not strong enough.
You need to have a clear evacuation procedure to get employees out if this happens. You should also assess your building structural supports to ensure they can withstand an earthquake.
Earthquakes aren't the only problem we face however. Here's the other type of natural disaster you need to prepare for.
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You need to prepare for this second type of natural disaster as well

2. Violent storms
On Saturday the 20th of September a massive storm tore across Johannesburg. With it, it brought golf ball sized hail stones. These can do serious damage and cause major injuries.
South Africa often has violent thunder storms and in the past few years they seem to have worsened. 
You need to protect your company and employees from such storms. Put shatter proof windows in so serious hail won't break the glass and have a safe area in your office where employees can get away from windows.
These are just two of the natural disasters that could destroy your company. Prepare for them today and protect your company against them. 

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Health & Safety Advisor.  It gives you tips, tools and advice to comply with the OHS Act and regulations.

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Two natural disasters that could destroy your company in seconds
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