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Two things your office must have to protect your employees from a workplace fire

by , 10 October 2014
A fire can destroy your workplace and put your employees in danger. Because of this frightening fact, you must take steps to limit the damage and protect your employees from the dangers of a fire in the workplace.

But what must you do to protect your employees?

You just need to have two things have.

Read on to discover what they are...


To protect your employees from workplace fires you must have these two things

1. Fire extinguishers
It's a legal requirement to have firefighting equipment in your workplace. 
Mount them on your walls or put them in a public space everyone can get to, so any employee can grab one in the event of an emergency. 
Having this equipment could stop a fire before it spreads and puts your employees in danger. 
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2. Emergency exits
You must have emergency exits to enable your employees to get out of the building safely in case of an emergency. 
Clearly indicate these exits with emergency signs so your employees can see where they need to go.
Also make sure there's a clear path to these doors so your employees can easily get to them and get out.
It's vital you have these two things in your workplace to protect your employees against fires. 
You should also train your first aiders in how to deal with emergency situations like this in case there are any injuries. Check out the Emergency First Aid CD for everything you need to give your first aiders this training.

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Two things your office must have to protect your employees from a workplace fire
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