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Two tips for conducting a successful accident investigation

by , 12 August 2014
When accidents happen, you need to take action and fast! The reason is, you need to find out what happened and why. This information is vital for your employee's COID claim and to help you prevent accidents from happening again.

To get the most relevant information out of the investigation, you need to be efficient and organised.

To ensure you're efficient and organised during this process, use these two tips.

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These two tips will help you immensely during an accident investigation

If you want to ensure your accident investigation gets to the root of the problems that caused the accident, you must be efficient and organised.
Tip #1: Be prepared for anything
You should prepare for accident investigations even if no accidents have happened. You should have your investigation team assembled and ready to go. You'll also need to have all the documents ready to print out and use. These documents include:
- Accident reports;
- Investigation reports; and
- Findings reports for you and your investigations team to record what you learnt during the investigation.
Get all of these things together to ensure you're 100% prepared.
Tip #2: Never wait too long to start your investigation
If you wait too long to do your investigation, the evidence may change or go missing. Your witness may forget what they saw. Physical evidence may move as your employees get back to work in the accident area.
To be efficient, collect the evidence while it's fresh and all there. If an accident happens, first clear the scene and ensure no more injuries happen. Then, as soon as you can, get in there with your investigation team and get the facts.
These two tips will ensure you accident get to the bottom of the problem in no time.
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Two tips for conducting a successful accident investigation
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