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Two tips that'll improve your company's first aid plan

by , 09 September 2014
Whenever any of your employees has an injury, whether it's a paper cut or a serious wound, your first aider should be first on the scene. Your first aider will know how to deal with an injury or how to keep your employee stable until paramedics arrive.

But how can you be confident that your company's first aid plan will really help in these situations?

Today we're going to tell you about two tips that'll make your company's first aid plan work effectively...


When you draw up your first aid plan, use these two tips

Tip #1: Check the number of employees you have to ensure there are enough first aiders
It's a legal requirement under the OHS Act to have at least one first aider if you have ten employees. After that, you need another first aider for every 100 employees in an office or every 50 employees in a factory.
To ensure you fulfil these requirements, check the number of employees you have. And remember, it won't hurt to have more first aiders than necessary in case of an emergency.
Here's the next tip to ensure your first aid plan is effective...
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Tip #2: Always check your first aid kit is full and has everything
In your plan, you must put a list of all the things your first aid kit must contain. Then you must do regular checks to see if everything is still there so you can replace anything that's running low.
Remember some of the equipment in your first aid kit expires, so you also need to replace those items before they reach their expiry date.
Also check that you have non-allergenic equipment such as gloves and plasters as some people have allergies to latex and normal plasters.
If you remember these two tips when you draw up your first aid plan, it'll work effectively.

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Two tips that'll improve your company's first aid plan
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