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Use lifting equipment in your company? Implement a Lifting Tackle Maintenance Programme

by , 13 December 2013
If your company uses lifting equipment, you MUST implement a Lifting Tackle Maintenance Programme. Here's how this programme will help you meet your safety obligations.

Lifting tackle includes items such as cranes, cables, chain slings, hooks and forklifts.

The Health & Safety Advisor says if you use lifting equipment in your company, it's your responsibility to ensure the equipment is:

  • Made correctly;
  • Made of sound material;
  • Of adequate strength;
  • Free from patent defects; and
  • Constructed in accordance with accepted technical standards.

But, your legal obligations don't end there.

You must implement a Lifting Tackle Maintenance Programme

Lifting tackle safety is ultimately up to the user.

That's why you must implement a continuous Lifting Tackle Maintenance Programme. This will ensure the safety of employees who use lifting tackle.

You must appoint a person who will be responsible for maintaining the total lifting tackle programme.

This person must ensure:

  • The correct lifting equipment is available for all lifting applications;
  • The equipment used is in good condition;
  • Employees using the equipment understand how to select and use the equipment to ensure safe lifting practice;
  • A programme of planned inspection and maintenance is carried out on a regular basis;
  • Damaged and dangerous equipment is rejected and taken out of service as soon as possible; and
  • Proper registers are kept of lifting tackle.

Having a Lifting Tackle Maintenance Programme will help ensure your employees know how to use lifting tackle correctly. This will, in turn, increase the safety of your employees and increase the life span of the equipment.

In addition to your Lifting Tackle Maintenance Programme, make sure your employees are aware of these 12 safety rules when using lifting tackle.

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Use lifting equipment in your company? Implement a Lifting Tackle Maintenance Programme
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