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Use these five steps during your health and safety inspection to avoid trouble with the DoL

by , 22 October 2014
Health and safety inspections are the best way to find problems in your company's health and safety and ensure a DoL inspector never catches you off guard and unprepared.

But how do you do these inspections?

Today we're revealing five easy steps you can follow to do these inspections in your workplace...


It's easy to do an internal health and safety inspection if you follow these five steps

Step 1: Select a section to inspect
You can't hope to cover your entire workplace in one inspection. That's why it's better to do smaller, more focused inspections regularly. In these focused inspections, concentrate on one aspect of your health and safety programme. 
For example, you might want to focus on assessing your employees' PPE. 
Step 2: Prepare the relevant documents
When you do a health and safety inspection, you must compare what you see with what's in your documents. That's why you need to have these ready for your inspection.
Step 3: Do the inspection
Your inspection will change depending on what aspect you're inspecting. For example, if you're assessing your employees' PPE, watch them work with it on and then inspect it afterwards. 
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Step 4: Compare what you see with what's in your documents
As you do the inspection, keep your documents with you so you can check. For example, if you see one of your employees doesn't have PPE, check your PPE register to see if he signed for it.
Step 5: Find deviations in your health and safety plan and fix them
Look for places where reality is different from what your documents says it should be. Once you find them , take immediate action to fix them.
Follow these steps and you'll be able to find any problems before the DoL has a chance to. 
Check out Your 29 Essential Health & Safety Inspection Checklist for all the documents you need to do an effective health and safety inspection. 

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Use these five steps during your health and safety inspection to avoid trouble with the DoL
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