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Use these five steps to deal with the aftermath of a workplace disaster

by , 16 October 2014
Disaster strikes! A fire rips through your office and leaves employees with serious injuries. You do everything you need to do to deal with the emergency and get your employees medical attention.

But just because the disaster is over and your employees aren't in danger anymore doesn't mean your work is finished.

Now you have to deal with the aftermath!

Don't panic, because we're here to help.

Today we're revealing the five steps you must take to deal with the aftermath of a workplace emergency...


Deal with the after effects of a workplace emergency by following these five steps

Step 1: Follow up with emergency services
You need to get in touch with paramedics to find out which hospital your employees went to and if they were okay when they got there.
You also need to touch base with the police and fire department to find out the cause of the emergency.
Step 2: Start your internal accident investigation
Do your own accident investigation but remember never to tamper with any evidence the police may need. 
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Step 3: Take the findings of your investigation to your health and safety committee
Depending on the severity of the accident, discuss ways to prevent future accidents and measures to take to repair hazards the first disaster caused. 
If the damage is severe, consult a health and safety expert about what you should do to get your workplace back to an acceptable standard.
You need the results of your accident investigation to do this.
Step 5: Repair any damage from the disaster and implement safety measures to prevent it in future
Use the recommendations of your HSE committee or the health and safety expert to determine your next steps.
There you have it. Effectively deal with the aftermath of a workplace emergency with these five steps.

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Use these five steps to deal with the aftermath of a workplace disaster
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