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Use these three tips to ensure first aid success in your company

by , 10 September 2014
What does it take to achieve first aid success in your company? A full first aid kit and a qualified first aider?

That's true, there's more to first aid than just having a kit and a first aider. There are other things you must do to ensure your employees always have access to medical treatment when they need it.

And if you want your company's first aid to be a health and safety success, you must use these three tips...


Three tips that'll help you achieve first aid success in your company

Tip #1: Consider having more than one first aider
By law, you need at least one first aider if you have more than ten employees. Then you need another for every 100 employees in an office or every 50 employees in a factory.
But this doesn't mean that you can't have two or three first aiders in your company even if you only have 46 employees. 
Doing this can help you ensure there's always a first aider on duty, even if one of the other is off sick. 
Here are the next two tips...
*********** Hot off the press  ************
WARNING: Just because you've appointed a first aider and have a first aid kit in your office doesn't mean you've done everything to protect your employees
Do your first aiders know what it is?

Tip #2: Lock your first aid kit and only give keys to your first aiders

Your other employees may feel they can just help themselves to a plaster or headache tablet here or there but this can cause serious problems. Lock your first aid box and only give first aiders spare keys so only they can open it. 
This way other employees have to ask your first aider for help.
Tip #3: Do a toolbox talk on first aid
Your employees must understand that first aid is important. Even a small cut can get infected if your employees don't get the first aid treatment they need. 
Do a toolbox talk on this to help them understand this importance.  
Using these three tips will help you achieve first aid success in your company.

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Use these three tips to ensure first aid success in your company
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