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Use these three tips to help your employees remember what to do in an emergency

by , 08 September 2014
It sometimes doesn't matter how much training you give your employees, when they're frightened by an emergency they might forget.

But there are some simple, inexpensive and very effective things you can do to help them remember.

Here's what you can do...


Here's what your can do to help your employees remember your emergency procedures

Tip #1: Create safety acronyms or sayings
By creating short, catchy and easy to remember acronyms or sayings you can give your employees an easy way to remember what to do. For example, you can tell them to 'Keep C.A.L.M.'
Tip #2: Place signs next to your emergency exits and equipment
You can place signs in places your employees will see them during an emergency such as by emergency exits. These signs can have your sayings or acronyms on them or clear instructions. 
Make sure these signs are large, bright and clear. If your employees have to stop to read them, it won't help the situation. Your employees must be able to absorb the instruction clearly without stopping.  
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Tip #3: Instead of a normal alarm, have a recorded set of instruction
Normally when there's an emergency, you'll sound an alarm. You could change this to a recording of someone giving the instructions. For example, the recording could say: Emergency! Please leave the building calmly'.
This ensures all of your employees know exactly what you need them to do.
By using these three tips you can help your employees remember the emergency procedures training you gave them.

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Use these three tips to help your employees remember what to do in an emergency
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