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Use these three tips to speed up your emergency response time

by , 11 September 2014
If a disaster strikes in your workplace, you need to respond as fast as possible. Every second you waste could cost one of your employees their lives.

But you can speed up your response time just by making small changes in your workplace. Each change can cut out seconds of time wasted that you can now use to deal with the emergency.

Today we have three tips that'll help you do just that. They won't cost you a fortune to implement, but they will help you achieve the best emergency response time possible.

Read on to find out what these tips are...


Three tips that'll help you respond to workplace disasters quickly

Tip #1: Keep a copy of all your emergency services' numbers at hand
When disaster strikes you may need to call:
- The paramedics;
- The fire department; or
- The police.
These are three of the most important emergency services you can call so keep their numbers somewhere you can find them easily. This will save you time looking for them.
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Tip #2: If don't have an alarm, create a warning system with your employees
If you don't have an electronic alarm system to warn employees of an emergency, you must create a different way to warn everyone. You can create a system where certain employees from each section of your business warn others so someone from the next department will warn the next group and so on. 
This saves times because instead of running through your workplace shouting at people to get out, you'll have an efficient working system to do that for you.
Tip #3: Train your employees on what to do 
Your employees must already know how to respond to an emergency so they can do so quickly and without instruction.
These three tips could be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. Implement them today.

Find more tips, tools and practical advice to easily implement health and safety in your workplace here.

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Use these three tips to speed up your emergency response time
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