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Use these two tips to minimise unsafe acts in your workplace

by , 11 November 2013
Did you know that 88% of all accidents in the workplace are caused by unsafe or unhealthy acts? Don't let your workplace become another statistic. Use these two tips to minimise unsafe acts in your workplace and prevent accidents.

An accident can happen to anyone in the workplace.

Just this past weekend, five people were injured in an explosion at a Cape Town shopping centre.

According to eNCA, the explosion occurred in the kitchen of the Spur restaurant. It's believed the blast was caused by a can of cooking spray that had ignited next to a grill.

Four of the five kitchen staff injured have since been treated for facial burns and released, while one remains in hospital for observation.

An explosion is just one example of accidents that could happen in your workplace.
Fortunately, you can you can prevent the vast majority of accidents if you minimise unsafe acts.

Two ways your company can reduce unsafe or unhealthy acts

#1: You'll prevent accidents if you make sure employees understand the importance of acting in a safe and healthy manner, by offering training and awareness programmes, says the Health & Safety Advisor.

#2: As you know, health and safety supervisors are responsible for enforcing health and safety rules and ensuring that employees follow laid down safe work procedures.

If you want them to do this efficiently, make sure your supervisors are well-trained and well-informed. This'll ensure they understand the hazards and have the necessary authority to take precautionary measures.

The bottom line: You'll only be able to reduce accidents in you minimise unsafe or unhealthy acts in your workplace. So use these two methods to do just that.


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Use these two tips to minimise unsafe acts in your workplace
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