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Use this checklist to ensure your Environmental Policy complies with the law

by , 04 February 2015
The National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) says all businesses must do their part to protect the environment.

It also says you must have an Environmental Policy that forces your employees to comply.

Check your policy does exactly that with this checklist...

Draw up a 100% legally compliant Environmental Policy with this checklist

To create an Environmental Policy that's 100% legally compliant, you must make sure it covers all the right bases. This includes managing your process, creating awareness and dealing with your impact on the environment.
To make sure you cover all these bases, check the following:
·         Have you addressed the different environmental laws and other requirements? This includes listing the approved codes of practice.
·         Did you outline what environmental issues are important to your business?
·         Did you assess the impact your company has on the environment in the past, present and future?
·         Do you have ways to improve environmental performance and reduce your impact? For example, you could do a regular assessment on your business. During this assessment, look at how your company uses water and electricity. Also assess whether your environmental safety measures work effectively or not.
There are nine more points you need to check. Read on to see what they are…
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Nine more points you need to check to make sure your Environmental Policy is up to scratch
  • Do you have rules and procedures to reduce pollution and waste materials? For example, how will you reduce air pollutions from transport, as well as oil leaks, noise and heat?
  • Do you have a plan to reduce how much raw material, energy and other supplies your company uses?
  • Do you have a process to raise awareness around environmental issues? How will you get your employees to take part? How will you train them on environmental issues? Do you have environmental standards your suppliers and contractors must adhere to?
  • Do you have a way to educate customers on products and services with regards to the environment?
  • Did you explain how you will keep the community up-to-date on your environmental activities?
  • Did you explain how your company will take part in environmental discussions?
  • Do you have guidelines for how you will tell your employees and stakeholders about your environmental goals?
  • Do you have a process to ensure your whole company commits safe environmental practices?
This checklist will help you cover all the important points in your Environmental Policy.
Just make sure your policy is always specific to your company. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your policy is to find a sample on the Internet and follow it without changes.
Because it won't deal with the situations in your company. Therefore, it definitely won't be 100% compliant.
So create an Environmental Policy that's specific to your company and use this checklist to make sure it covers all the right bases.
To find out more about your company's environmental duties, check out the Health and Safety Advisor. It contains everything you need to know about managing your environmental impact.

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Use this checklist to ensure your Environmental Policy complies with the law
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