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Use this procedural checklist if a fatal incident occurs in your workplace

by , 16 August 2016
Use this procedural checklist if a fatal incident occurs in your workplaceNo employer likes it when workplace incidents happen in their workplace, especially not fatal ones.

They are an unfortunate reality which many employers will be faced with at some stage, especially in workplaces which have high risk environments, such as factories with large machines.

Now should you be one of those employers, you'll need to follow the correct legal procedure. And to help you do just that, I'll provide you with a useful checklist on what that procedure is.


Do you know the internal and external processes you must follow when conducting an incident investigation?

Whenever you place a claim for one of your employees with COID, the Compensation Commissioner examines your incident report in great detail.

He checks that every detail of the workplace accident or occupational injury has been included along with all the details of your investigations.

Miss just one point and he'll delay your claim and compensation will now be your problem!
That's why you need to follow the correct internal and external processes the first time around.
Find out how here…

Use this procedural checklist for if a fatal incident occurs in your workplace

1.       Call the Regional Director at your nearest labour centre immediately after the incident and tell him as best you can what happened. 
To find your nearest labour centre, click here.
2.Send a fax or email to the Department of Labour.
Ensure the  email/fax contains the following:
·         The name of the injured/deceased person;
·         The address of the injured/deceased person;
·         The name of the employer;
·         The address of the employer;
·         The telephone number of the employer;
·         The name of the contact person; and
·         Details of the incident, such as:
·         What exactly happened;
·         The place where the incident occurred;
·         The date and time on which the incident occurred;
·         How the incident happened;
·         Why it happened; and
·         The names of all witnesses.
3.       Secure the site of the incident and make sure no one touches it (unless you are rescuing or treating other employees who may have been injured) and take detailed photographs of the incident site for use in your incident investigation.
4.       Get an inspector to examine the site of the incident, and only begin cleaning it up once he has given permission.
5.       Conduct a thorough incident investigation.

*If you want to see all the steps required when conducting an effective incident investigation in the workplace, page over to Chapter I 01 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook, or click here if you don't already have a copy of your own.  

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Use this procedural checklist if a fatal incident occurs in your workplace
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