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Warning: These three every day construction hazards put your employees in the most danger! Here's how to protect them

by , 08 December 2014
When you think about construction accidents, you probably think of graphic horror stories. Of workers falling of six story cranes or meeting a grizzly end in a cement mixer.

But what if I told you that most construction site accidents happen because of far more ordinary reasons?

It's true.

Your construction workers are more likely to have an accident because of a slippery floor than fall off a crane.

But this doesn't mean these accidents can't seriously injure your employees. Even a slip can break or dislocate bones and that could stop your employee working for weeks.

That's why today I'm going to show you how to protect your employees against accidents caused by these three common construction hazards...

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Protect your employees from these three common construction hazards to prevent accidents

1. Slips and falls
If the ground or floor is uneven or generally quite slippery, slips and falls are the most common accidents you'll see.
Improve construction site safety by looking for areas of the ground around the building site where tripping hazards can occur. These include holes, loose objects and uneven soil. Try to clear the area and level out the soil to reduce the hazards.
Then look at the surface inside the building. If the floor is untreated concrete, it could be very slippery. You can buy products to increase the grip on a surface like this that won't interfere with laying flooring later on. You can also add wall railings in certain areas to reduce this construction hazard.
And don't forget to check your employees' safety boots to make sure they have good grip.
2. Work with electric tools
Electrical incidents can cause serious injuries and health problems. If your employee suffers a shock, it could even stop his heart. 
What may surprise you is the biggest danger doesn't come from working on electrical components. It comes from mishandling power points to plug in electrical equipment. 
For example, your employee has to plug in his electric drill, but so do five other employees. The result? They overload the same plug. This can lead to a nasty shock when your employee pulls his plug out. 
Avoid these dangers by checking all your plugs and extension cords are in good condition. Make sure your employees don't overload plugs by giving each employee his own power outlet. 
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3. Moving heavy objects and tools
One of the most common causes of injuries, like back strain, is lifting heavy objects. For example, your employee needs to move a heavy toolbox and hurts his back when he picks it up. 
To protect employees against these injuries buy lighter tools so your employees don't have to pick up heavy toolboxes. 
Give your employees wheel barrows so they can move heavy objects like bricks around without hurting their backs.
By doing this, you can protect your employees against the most common construction hazards and prevent injuries on construction sites.  
For everything you need to create a safe construction site, check out the Construction Compliance Guide

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