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We get asked about this more than anything else...

by , 19 January 2016
Dear Reader,

Our legal team at the Workplace Helpdesk were inundated with this question on 4th January 2016...

They've responded to hundreds of emails with questions about the new Driven Machinery Regulations.

And the question employers ask the most is: 'what exactly are my legal obligations when it comes to the new driven machinery regulations and how do I comply?'

So, to answer this question about the new Driven Machinery Regulations. And avoid you getting penalties and fines for not complying, our team of health and safety experts have summarised it for you.

Do your employees know about the New Driven Machinery Regulations?
You'll be held personally liable if they don't!
I'm pretty sure you know the Driven Machinery Regulations changed in 2015.

But, do your employees know the changes?

Do they know what they can and can't do when using your forklifts, cranes, chains, hoists, saws, grinding machines and any other machinery you have on your premises?

Be careful, you'll get a fine if they don't!

With the Driven Machinery Regulations Compliance Kit, I'll show you how to quickly and easily train your employees on all they need to know…

Click here to find out how!


Your 5 legal obligations regarding driven machinery...
  • You must provide and maintain systems of work, plant and machinery that are safe. And without health risks to you or your employees (OHSA Section 8.2.a).
  • You must send your employees for training before letting them use any machinery. Make sure your employees don't work unless a person who knows the work, the machinery and the risks supervises them (OHSA Section 8.2.e).
  • Protect your employees while they work with machinery. If they need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to do the work, you must provide it. If you have hazardous machinery, you must take all the safety precautions to protect your employees (OHSA Section 8.2.f).
Keep reading for the last 2 obligations…
Are you tired of paging through pages and pages of the new Driven Machinery Regulations?

It's no secret, the new DMR means pouring over 60 text-heavy pages and doesn't make for easy reading. That's why we've created a much shorter, easier-to-read summary of exactly who needs to do what and how they need to do it.

Simply click here to find out how…

Your 5 legal obligations regarding Driven Machinery cont…
  • Ensure your employees obey the law and comply with the regulations of the Act for Driven Machinery (OHSA Section 8.2.g).
  • Make sure you train the person supervising the work properly. He must understand the dangers. Let the supervisor or manager make decisions about your employees' safety. He must protect them. They must follow your company procedures and methods for doing the work. Don't allow any deviations unless it's another way of protecting your employees (OHSA Section 8.2.i).
Understanding the Driven Machinery Regulations, and training your employees on the new changes, shows your commitment to managing your workplace fairly and in-line with workplace laws.

Get your hands on the Driven Machinery Regulations Compliance Kit today to make sure you're 100% on top of all the changes. And so your employees know what they can and can't do when it comes to your Driven Machinery.

Stay Safe

PS. Special Report: How the NEW DMR 2015 regulations will affect YOUR business. Click here to find out more.

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We get asked about this more than anything else...
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