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What to include in your safety audit report when it comes to 'unsatisfactory findings'

by , 07 August 2014
Your health and safety audit report is a very important document. It's the guide your managers must use to fix the problems you identified in your safety audit.

This is why you need to ensure it has all of the right information in it. This report focuses on the problems you saw and the way you want to fix it. These problems are called 'Unsatisfactory Findings'.

To ensure your audit report is as effective as possible, ensure you include this information...

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Remember to include this information about 'unsatisfactory findings' in your audit report

You need to be incredibly detailed about the problems you discovered in your health and safety programme. When you outline these, you must include:
1. The type of problem
Is it a problem in the procedures, documentation or equipment? Different types of problems will have different consequences. By identifying and explaining the type of problem, you can recommend specific ways to fix it.
2. The cause of the problems
If, for example, you found a problem with the equipment, the cause may be because it's old, the manager didn't repair it or someone broke it. If you can clearly identify the cause of the problem, you can put measures in place to prevent it from happening again. 
3. The effect of the problem
This section shows how serious the problem is. For example, missing documents could result in a noncompliance charge from the DoL. A problem with old equipment cause serious accidents and injuries.
If you have the information also include details about how long it's been a problem, when it started, has anyone done anything to try fix it and so on.
The goal is to make the document as clear and detailed as possible as this will help you improve your health and safety programme.

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What to include in your safety audit report when it comes to 'unsatisfactory findings'
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