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When a new health and safety issue arises, do this to help your employees cope

by , 24 September 2014
Health and safety constantly changes and so do the risks in your company. You have to keep your employees safe when new risks or safety issues develop. That includes educating them on how to keep themselves safe.

So how do you do this?

It's easy. All you have to do is gather your employees together and do this one thing. It will help them understand what the danger is and how to protect themselves against it...


Do this to educate employees about new safety issues

If you want to effectively educate your employees on new safety issues, do a toolbox talk
As soon as an employee reports a new issue to you, find ways to ensure your employees are safe from it and educate them. 
For example, if an employee reports there's a gas leak in one of your buildings, first deal with the problem and then educate employees on what to do in future. Tell them to wear breathing masks when they go into that building and never light anything flammable in case the gas is too. 
When you educate your employees, remember to include these details.
*********** Hot off the press  ************
Stop wasting time not knowing what to train your employees on.
You know you have to train your employees on health and safety, but you don't know which ones you really have to do. And you don't have the time to waste training employees every week.
What if I told you I have the solution to your problem? And it only takes 15 minutes of your time?

Include these details when you do a toolbox talk about new safety issues

Explain what the danger is. With a gas leak the danger is the gas could cause an explosion or poison them. 
Then make them understand what's at stake. Their lives are at stake if there's a poisonous or flammable gas leak.
Finally, clearly explain what they must do to protect themselves from this danger. 
Educating employees on new safety problems is the best way to ensure they know how to protect themselves. So don't forget to do a toolbox talk! 

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