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When an employee yells 'fire' there are nine things your Health and Safety Manager must do

by , 03 October 2014
During a workplace fire, there are a few key players. One of the most important of these is your health and safety manager.

It's his job to ensure your employees get out safely using your emergency procedures.

To do that, he has nine things he must do.

Read on to find out what they are...


These are the nine things your health and safety manager must during a workplace fire

1. When the emergency evacuation alarm goes off, he must report to your Security Operations Centre immediately.
2. He must help the Emergency Coordinator ensure everyone completes the evacuation procedures in an orderly manner, keeping in mind the health and safety of everyone around them.
3. He must ensure people don't act unsafely and don't move into areas that aren't safe.
4. He must help coordinate the following activities:
a) Fire fighting;
b) First aid;
c) Security; and
d) Emergency services.
5. Help the Human Resources Manager account for all the evacuees.
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6. He must work with the Emergency Coordinator to sound the 'All Clear' alarm.
7. Once the emergency is over, he must find out the cause/s of the fire and record all the related facts.
8. Then he must report injuries to the Department of Labour where applicable.
9. Lastly, he must coordinate the investigation of the incident.
That's a lot to do. And that's why you must give your health and safety manager training on what to do during a fire, or any other kind of emergency, so he can respond appropriately and do his job correctly. 

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When an employee yells 'fire' there are nine things your Health and Safety Manager must do
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