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When conducting an accident investigation, make sure you speak to these three employees

by , 12 August 2014
Accident investigations are a vital part of preventing future accidents. If you can get to the bottom of why an accident happened, you can put precautions in place to prevent it happening again.

Part of this investigation process is speaking to witnesses that saw the accident. But you can't just speak to any old witness. You need to use your time wisely and speak to the witnesses who can give you the most useful information.

To guarantee useful information that'll really help your accident investigation, speak to these three employees...


Speak to these three employees to get relevant information for your accident investigation

If you want really relevant information you must speak to employees who know the injured person or people, the work they do and how the accident happened.
This means you must speak to:
1. Their supervisor or manager
Not only will their supervisor or managers know them and their work really well, he'll also to answer question about why this accident happened on his watch. If he wasn't there, you must also get to the bottom of why he was slacking on duty. 
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2. The person or people who suffered injuries
As long as they're in a state where they can talk to you, it's a good idea to speak to these employees. They were closest to the accident and can most likely tell you what caused it.
3. Witness that were close to the accident
Speak to anyone who saw the accident close up but didn't suffer injuries. These people can give you a clear, outside perspective of what they saw.
These three types of employees can give you a good idea of what happened and why, so take your time when you speak to them.

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When conducting an accident investigation, make sure you speak to these three employees
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