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When conducting safety audit interviews with your employees, ask them these four questions

by , 06 August 2014
During a safety audit, your employees are the most useful source of information. They have to use and work with your health and safety programme every day. This means they have firsthand knowledge of the programme and its flaws.

This is why it's so important to interview your employees during the audit process.

And it's equally important to ask the right questions during these interviews to get the right information. That's where these four questions come in...


Here's what you must ask your employees during a safety audit interview

To get useful information from your employees during your safety audit interviews, you should ask:
1. Have you had or witnessed an accident at work in the last six months?
Ask your employee to give you details and to be very specific about any accident he had or saw at work. 
2. Do you feel safe when you do your work?
If your employee say 'no', probe for details. Find out exactly why he doesn't feel safe and what the cause is.
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Are you complying with the entire OHS Act and 19 Regulations?

Are you 100% compliant? How can you be sure?
3. What do you do or use to help you stay safe and does it work?
This question starts to look at how effective your safety protocol and equipment is. Ask your employee to explain each step he takes to keep himself safe. If he says he doesn't think these work, there's a problem with your health and safety programme.
4. What do you think we can do to improve things and keep you safe at work?
It's important to get your employees' feedback and suggestions. Because they use your protocol and equipment every day, they know what's wrong with it and will have ideas on how to fix it.
There you have it: Four questions that should form part of every health and safety audit interview you do.

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When conducting safety audit interviews with your employees, ask them these four questions
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