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When it comes to first aid, you have three responsibilities...

by , 25 June 2014
Part of your health and safety responsibilities is to appoint a first aider. This person is responsible for helping when ever other employees have workplace injuries.

But it's not enough to just point a finger and say 'You! You are now our first aider!'

You actually have three responsibilities within this act. Read on to discover what they are...

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Do your first aiders know what it is?

If you have more than ten employees, ensure you have a first aider on duty

Your first responsibility is to have enough first aiders. Yes, that's right; one may not actually be enough. According to the Health and Safety Advisor, you must have one first aider if you have ten employees and then another one for every 50 employees after that. If your run a shop or office it's one first aider for every 100 employees after your first ten.
Your second responsibility is to ensure your first-aiders have the right training. Every new first-aider you appoint must also go through first aid training. This will ensure they know what to do in the event of an accident at work. 
You have one last responsibility when it comes to first aid...
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Do you have these 18 items in your office first aid kit?

Your first aid kit must have all the essential components  

Your first-aiders can't always help if they don't have the supplies and first aid equipment they need. This is why you have to have a fully stocked first aid kit. 
You must keep this kit somewhere that your first-aiders can easily get to and you must clearly signpost it with first aid signs.  
You must also ensure it has:
- Wound cleaner/Antiseptic;
- Swabs for cleaning wounds;
- Cotton wool for padding;
- One pair of forceps;
- One pair of scissors;
- One set of safety pins;
- Triangular bandages;
- Four 75mm X 5m roller bandages;
- Four 100mm X 5m roller bandages;
- Roll of elastic adhesive;
- Non-allergic adhesive strip;
- Packet of adhesive dressing strips;
- Four 75mm X 5m first aid dressings;
- Four 100mm X 5m first aid dressings;
- Straight splints; 
- Large and medium disposable latex gloves; and 
- A CPR mouth piece.
The amounts you need are different for factories and shops or offices. You can take a look at the specific amount for each one's first aid kit content list in your Health and Safety Advisor in the chapter on First Aid.

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When it comes to first aid, you have three responsibilities...
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