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When it comes to health and safety, LEAD BY EXAMPLE

by , 01 July 2014
You've prepared your health and safety procedures and you're ready to get your employees to comply. You want them to wear their PPE and follow safe working procedures.

You've trained them to look after themselves and each other while at work. You've even spent a lot of money on creating safety manuals so your employees can check what they need to do and when.

But then, you go out onto site and you don't wear your PPE. You forget to follow safe procedures and when an employee asks you about an instruction in your safety manual, you can't answer his question.

Your employees see your lack of knowledge and compliance and they think 'why should we follow the rules?'

The truth is if you want your employees to follow health and safety rules, you must lead by example...

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Lead your health and safety programme by example and your employees will follow

If you create the health and safety rules, it's even more important for you to follow them. If you don't, it's the same as a policeman speeding and then pulling someone over and fining them for doing the same.
You see, you can't enforce rules you break. 
If your employees see you upholding rules, they may feel obliged to do the same. This because you're an authority figure and your actions speak louder than your words. 
To lead by example ensure you do these four things…

Four things you can do to help you lead your health and safety programme by example

If you want your employees to follow your example, ensure you:
1. Wear your safety gear whenever you're on site. You must have all the safety wear your employees have and wear it.
2. Know and follow your own safety procedures. Every time you visit your site and want to get hands-on with the work your employees do, follow the right procedures.
3. Know the kinds of procedures you expect your employees to follow. This way, if they need to ask you about something, you can actually give them an answer.
4. Attend the same OHS training your employees have to do. This won't only show them you follow the same rules they must, it'll also help you understand health and safety better.
The bottom line: If you want your employees to be safe, you must show them how by being an example and doing these four things. 
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When it comes to health and safety, LEAD BY EXAMPLE
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