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When it comes to safety audits, tell your employees these three things

by , 05 August 2014
Your employees play an important role in any safety audit. They give you the insight you need into how well your health and safety programme is working.

Without their input, you might just get biased answers from managers who don't want to do extra work to change their departments.

But if you don't tell your employees about what's happening, they may get scared and also give you false answers.

To prevent this, tell your employees these three things when you do your health and safety audits...

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Here's what you should tell your employees about safety audits

1. Explain the purpose of the safety audit to your employees
If your employees understand that the audit is to improve your health and safety programme and keep them safe, they'll be happier to participate.
If you don't explain this to them, they may think your questions are to get them in trouble and then they won't want to answer you.
2. Tell them you'll come round and watch them work and that you may ask them some questions
If your employees expect to see you on site and for you to ask them questions, it won't throw them off. It may even give some of them a chance to think about some of the health and safety problems they've seen.
If you don't warn your employees of this, they may get a fright when you approach them and feel too shy to answer questions.
3. Tell them you need their help to do this safety audit
If you make your employees feel they're important to the safety audit process they'll want to help. Making your employees feel needed is also a great way to boost their morale.
So ensure you tell your employees these three things before you start your health and safety audit or you might not get the information you want from them.
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When it comes to safety audits, tell your employees these three things
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