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When it comes to your company's electrical safety, never trust an electrician who doesn't have this

by , 14 January 2015
Last week, a woman died in Intshawini, near Stanger in the KwaZulu-Natal, after the bucket she was carrying on her head, connected with a live wire.

The live wire was the result of two men in the area setting up illegal power connections for their home.

This just shows you what can happen when someone with no electrical experience works with live electricity. Things can go horribly wrong because they don't understand the dangers.

Now imagine you let someone with little electrical knowledge do work in your workplace. Are you really willing to put your employees' lives in that kind of danger?

That's why you must always check these four important factors to make sure they have the right qualifications...


Four factors you must check to make sure your potential electrician has this 

Before you hire an electrician, make sure he has proper electrical training. To do that, check these four factors:
1. Check his electrical training and education history 
It's important to verify an electrician's training qualifications. Ask him for a copy of his training certificate. 
First check the place he studied at is real. Then contact the institution he studied through and ask them to confirm he finished his studies there. 
Also check if his training expires at all or if it's outdated. If he has outdated training and works on newer electrical systems he doesn't understand, he could cause a serious electrical hazard.
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2. Check his level of expenses
If he has a lot of experiences it suggests he knows exactly what he's doing. This is important because sometimes just training isn't enough. Practical knowledge about what he's doing, as well as training is essential. 
3. Check his references
Ask him for reference from people he worked for before. Ask them if he seemed to really understand his craft or if he had to guess what he was doing. 
This can help you find out if he caused any accidents at previous jobs. If he did, find out exactly why and if it was through his negligence. 
4. Check for complaints on the Internet
Go onto sites such as hellopeter.co.za to check for complaints about the electrician. These people aren't always willing to act as references but they will share their experiences on the site. 
Look for negative comments about the electrician's level of skill and experience. 
If you find he does have the right electrical training, you can hire him knowing he won't cause an electrical hazard in your workplace. 
But just remember to meet face-to-face with him beforehand. If you just talk to him over email or the phone, it's easy for him to send a less-qualified stand-in. This way he can go do another job and make more money and you won't know the difference. 
To make sure your electrician sticks to safety standards when working on your site, check out the Health and Safety Advisor

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When it comes to your company's electrical safety, never trust an electrician who doesn't have this
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