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When you create your emergency evacuation plan ensure it contains these 19 sections

by , 30 September 2014
During a workplace emergency, your employees' survival depends on an effective emergency evacuation plan.

Without this, there's no guide to help your employee get out safely. That's why you need to create your evacuation procedures and ensure all your employees know exactly what to do.

But for your emergency evacuation plan to be effective, it must include these 19 sections...


Include these 19 sections in your emergency evacuation plan to ensure it's effective

1. Introduction - purpose and scope for this procedure;
2. Fire/explosion/accident/disasters - details the responses required from certain people in the event any of these incidents occur;
3. Flow diagrams;
4. Person discovering the incident ;
5. All personnel ;
6. Fire alarm and general ;
7. Security;
8. Fire team leader;
9. Fire fighting teams;
10. Occupational healthcare practitioner;
11. First aiders;
12. Health and safety management;
13. Hazardous substance controller;
14. Emergency controller;
15. Section 16.2 appointee;
16. Salvage and recovery team;
17. Search team;
18. Emergencies - types of emergencies and general guidelines for actions and responsibilities. This is where you'll detail the steps your employees must take to evacuate your premises; and
19. Records.
Here are three rules you must remember when you create each of these sections.
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Remember these three rules when you create the sections for your emergency evacuation plan

Rule 1: Be very clear
Your employees must understand exactly what responsibility they have and what you want them to do.
Rule 2: Use simple language
Give your instructions and guidelines in the simplest way possible. This will help your employees understand what they need to do.
Rule 3: Make your instructions specific to your workplace and employees
Create a specific plan that details your employees' actions based on your company and the employees who have the responsibilities.
If you follow these rules to create these 19 sections in your emergency evacuation plan you can be sure it will be effective.

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When you create your emergency evacuation plan ensure it contains these 19 sections
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