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When you start to do audit interviews, always speak to these four employees

by , 07 August 2014
Did you know, you can't do a safety audit without the help of your employees? Every person in your company can give you important information about your health and safety.

You can't do your safety audit without their input because they'll have more practical knowledge than you will.

But never focus on your managers only! You need to speak to employees on every level. In fact, when you start your safety audit interviews, you must speak to these four types of employees...


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Speak to these four types of employees during your safety audit interviews

To get an objective view of your health and safety programme, you must speak to employees on every level. It doesn't matter how 'low down the food chain' they are, they can still give you useful information.
To ensure this happens, speak to your:
1. Managers
Your managers take the responsibility for the safety of their departments. This means they have to handle to documents when it comes to their departments' health and safety. They also deal with safety problems first. If there are problems, it's their job to know about them!
2. Labourers or under-staff
These are the people that normally do the most dangerous work in your company. If there are problems with health and safety, they would have seen or experienced them. 
3. Security staff
Your security staff can give you vital information about the security in your workplace. This can also be a major health and safety problem if your employees face dangers from outside.
4. Cleaning staff
When it comes to hygiene in your workplace, your cleaning staff will know best. They're the ones that spend their lives trying to keep your company clean and hygienic. They'll know if there are any health risks because of unhygienic areas which they can't deal with.
Remember the more employees you speak to, the more perspective you can get on your company's health and safety problems.
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When you start to do audit interviews, always speak to these four employees
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