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When you train your employees on your evacuation plan, be sure to include these two pieces on information

by , 18 September 2014
What will your employees do if something goes seriously wrong? In events such as fires, earthquakes, explosions or building collapses, your employees can't just hang around.

In these situations, they must know what to do and where to go. That's why you must give them proper training on your company's emergency evacuation plan. This is the only way they can actually get out of these deadly situations in a quick and orderly fashion.

So train your employees on your evacuation plan and don't forget to include these two pieces of information in their training...


Include these two pieces of information in your employee's emergency evacuation training

When you train your employees on emergency evacuation, remember to include:
1. The evacuation procedures
Your employees must understand the procedures they must follow when they need to evacuate. This procedure training must include:
- What the different alarms means (a single long beep means stay inside, while long broken beeps means exit the building);
- Which exits your employees must use when they evacuate;
- Where they must go once they exit or where they must meet inside the building;
- Who the emergency evacuation officer is that'll give them instructions; and
- What they must do once they're out of the building.
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2. The situations when evacuations are likely

Your employees must know when they'll have to evacuate. This way they can prepare themselves if it seems that such an event will happen or so they can act without your instructions.
If your employees have this information you can be sure they'll react correctly in the event of an emergency. Without it, you may have a hard time getting your employees to follow your instructions. 

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When you train your employees on your evacuation plan, be sure to include these two pieces on information
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