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Who needs to draft your company's fall protection plan?

by , 27 November 2013
A fall protection plan is a document that's drafted to help prevent falls and protect employees who work at heights. And that the plan includes a description of the work to be done (at heights); the hazards associated with the work and how to manage the risks these hazards pose. But do you know who's responsible for drawing up this plan? Read on to find out...

A fall protection plan can't be drafted by just anyone.

So who must draft the plan?

A competent person must draft your fall protection plan

Your fall protection plan must be completed by a competent person (a fall protection specialist.)

The Health & Safety Advisor says SAQA Unit Standard 229994 requires a competent person to assess the worksite for working at heights and must prepare a fall protection plan.

The competent person must have received training in:

  • SAQA Unit Standard 229998 – He must be able to explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at heights.
  • SAQA Unit Standard 229995 – This relates to installing, using and performing basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implementing the fall protection plan.
  • SAQA Unit Standard 229994 – The specialist must be able to assess a workplace for working at heights and prepare a fall protection plan.

If your plan isn't drafted by a competent person, you could be fined or be jailed.

Don't take that risk. Make sure a competent person with the necessary training drafts your fall protection plan.

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Who needs to draft your company's fall protection plan?
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