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Why reporting minor incident statistics is important

by , 28 July 2015
Reporting minor incident statistics is important. It's up to your managers and organisation's culture to make sure it happens. You can't blame workers for the failure of reporting!

It's important your company values reports and reporters - even when it comes to minor incidents. Let me tell you why embracing, encouraging and valuing minor incident reporting is important...

Why it's important for your company to report minor incident statistics

Every company must manage minor incident statistics. Including yours! Here's why doing so is important:
  • It will increase the reporting of near-misses, deviations and potential hazards;
  • It will prevent unnecessary injuries and occupational diseases;
  • It will prevent workplace disasters; and
  • It may even prevent deaths.
Workers are the key to gaining this information. Supervisors and managers often ignore warning, but not with the intention to kill workers. They just ascribe it to chance.
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Two useful tips for getting minor incident statistics

Here are two helpful tips for gathering minor incident statistics:
#1: Make sure workers keep the reporter informed
Make sure your workers keep the reporter informed. It might sound obvious, yet the bilk of companies can't even get this right! Communication and feedback is vital!
#2: Treat minor incident reports with respect
It's important to respect minor incident reports. This is the first step you can take to increase your company's hazard and near-miss reporting. It's also important you respond to the reports.

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Why reporting minor incident statistics is important
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