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Will your construction site suffer the same fate the building site in Meyersdal?

by , 20 August 2014
On Monday, a structure at one of the houses in the Meyersdal Eco Estate collapsed. This accident resulted in the death of nine people and eight more suffered injuries.

A collapse like this can cause serious damage. Not just to your building project, but to the lives of your employees. You have a responsibility to protect them from these kinds of disasters.

The good news is you can. There are ways of testing and checking your construction site to ensure your employee won't lose their lives because of a collapse.

Here's how...


Here's how to prevent life-threatening structural collapses on your construction site

First: You must ensure your building structures have secure foundations. If a foundation is weak, the structure can shift and collapse. 
Ensure the foundation is strong and deep enough to properly secure the building. 
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Second: You must do regular strength testing on the support structures as the building work progresses. Each time new support structures go up, you must test them before they have to take any weight. This will ensure that when the next level of the building goes up, the supports can take the weight.
Third: Ensure your building projects use good quality building material. If you use poor quality building materials, such as bricks and cement, the structure may be vulnerable to cracks and damage. These can lead to weak spots and collapse dangers.
Forth: Put additional free standing supports inside the structure as the building work continues. This way if a collapse does happen, it gives your employees a chance to escape the building unharmed. 
Remember, the best way to prevent these kinds of accidents is to always be observant and aware. Never let employees cut corners or do anything that could weaken the structure of the building.

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Will your construction site suffer the same fate the building site in Meyersdal?
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