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Without proper sanitation, your employees' health and safety could be at serious risk

by , 18 July 2014
Have you ever walked into dirty bathroom and immediately held your breath because the smell was enough to make you gag? Or maybe you saw how dirty everything around you was and it made your skin crawl?

Now, what if one of your employees told you that's what they experience every day at work. What if your employees have to use toilets swarming with bacteria? And then you wonder why your employees are always sick with never ending stomach bugs and chest problems.

The truth is shocking, but if your employees have to face unhygienic working environments every day, they're in danger of getting these illnesses...

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Unhygienic work environments always equal serious health risks

If your employees are always in unhygienic situations, whether it's the toilets they use or the area they work in, they're at risk of picking up serious health problems. 
The reason is simple, the more bacteria your employees come into contact with, the more it's get into their systems. 
The simple act of picking up something up off the bathroom floor can result in your employee's hands being covered in billions of bacteria. From there, it's a simple trip to his lunch, into his month and into his system. 
That's how stomach viruses spread so quickly and why it's a health and safety concern.
If this happens, your employees could face any of these illnesses...

Your employees may face these diseases because of unhygienic working environments

These are just a few of the health risks your employees face if your workplace hygiene isn't up to scratch:
- Salmonellosis;
- Tuberculosis;
- Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA);
- Coccidiosis;
- Dysentery;
- Bronchitis;
- Ear infections;
- Strep throat; and 
- Tonsilitis. 
It's easy to prevent these illnesses though. All you have to do is ensure your workplace hygiene is up to scratch and everything is clean. 
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