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Without THIS, your health and safety programme is doomed!

by , 18 August 2014
Do you try get through your health and safety programme on your own without any help? If you do, I'm afraid to say you're doomed to fail.

Health and safety isn't something you can do without any assistance. You need to appoint the right people to help you or you'll miss out on vital information.

In fact, is you don't have this one person on your health and safety team, it's doomed...


You need this person on your health and safety team to ensure your success 

Of all the people you involve in health and safety, your health and safety representative is the most important. He's the one who'll give you all the information you need about what your employees actually face every day at work.
He's their voice in health and safety matters and he can tell you what they want you to fix. 
Without his input, you may never be able to know what dangers your employees deal with.
That's why your health and safety programme will fail without your health and safety representative.
Here's how to appoint one!
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If you're responsible for health and safety in your company, you know how difficult it is to create a safe and healthy working environment. 
Especially if you've been tasked to do it on top of your daily job responsibilities.
There are dozens of questions that pop up, like…
How do you know the health and safety documents you draw up are legally compliant?
Can you be sure that you're checking all the hazards you should be, every single time?
And, how do you do all this without wasting a huge chunk of time that should be dedicated to your real job?

Here's how to appoint your health and safety representative 

Your employees must nominate and vote for who they want the health and safety representative to be. After all, he represents them and their needs so they must choose him.
After the vote, you must inform the winning candidate and ask him if he's happy to accept the position. If he is, you must give him an official letter of appointment. 
Ensure you train you new health and safety rep on all his duties so he can do them thoroughly. 
With your representative by your side you can be sure of maximum health and safety success.

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Without THIS, your health and safety programme is doomed!
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