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Workplace facilities: Include these seven items in your inspection report

by , 17 December 2013
Workplace facilities include toilets, change rooms, eating areas, kitchens, cafeterias, showers and compounds where workers live when away from their homes. You must ensure these areas remain clean, hygienic and well maintained. To do this, you have to conduct regular inspections. Here are seven items you must include in your inspection report.

Completing workplace inspection reports is a critical step since it summarises the findings of inspections and provides recommendations for corrective actions.

Your inspection report must contain these seven items

#1: Time, date and area or department inspected;

#2: A clear description of existing or potential hazards and risks you found;

#3: The Health & Safety Advisor recommends you rank your risks in order of priority. This is important since some corrective actions need to be immediate, others require more planning and some may require temporary measures until a permanent solution can be implemented.

#4: Recommendations for corrective actions, target date and person responsible for implementation;

#5: Name of person(s) who conducted the inspection and completed the report;

#6: Date the report was sent to the employer; and

#7: Dates and names of individuals responsible for follow-up or monitoring of corrective actions.

Compile the report as soon as possible after you complete the inspections and follow a standardised format to ensure consistency.

That's not all.

You must distribute copies of the workplace inspection report.

Your inspection report must be reviewed by those who conducted the inspections before it's handed in. This is to ensure it's accurate, clear and complete. Hand in copies to the following five people:

  1. Your employer;
  2. Managers;
  3. Supervisors;
  4. OHS Committee; and
  5. Employees (a copy of the report can be placed on notice boards for employees. It won't be cost effective to issue each employee with a copy if you have, for example a 100 employees working for you).

Knowing what to include in an inspection report will help ensure you comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

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Workplace facilities: Include these seven items in your inspection report
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