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Would the toilets in your workplace get slammed by the Cape Town Magistrate?

by , 18 July 2014
On the 16th of July, the Cape Town Magistrate charged Lili, M. Gulwa, Y. Kulanti, T. Mbanjwa, X. Ngwekazi, Y. Mlingwana and P. Nyakaza with contravening a municipal by-law regarding the proper removal of human waste.

This ruling highlights how vital proper ablution facilities are. The municipalities and magistrates take these matters very seriously.

But what do you think the magistrate would say about the toilets in your workplace?

Do you think you could also be guilty of breaking municipal laws? If your toilets match this description, you could be!

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 When it comes to workplace health and safety, clean toilets are important

These Cape Town men tried to improperly transport and dump human waste. This breaks health and safety rules and violates human rights!
You may forget about how important workplace hygiene is when it comes to health and safety. The truth is, it's vital! Not only are unhygienic and dirty toilets a major health risk, they're always a human rights violation.
You see, all employees have the right to work in a safe and clean space. 
So even if you're not guilty of dumping human waste, unhygienic toilets are still a massive safety issue, especially if they match this description...

If your workplace toilets look like this, they're a massive health risk

Your workplace toilets are a health hazard if they:
- Don't flush correctly;
- Don't have running water;
- Have old and damaged plumbing;
- Are unhygienic and dirty;
- Aren't ventilated; 
- Don't always have toilet paper in them; and
- Have old and broken facilities (sinks and toilets).
So if any of this describes the toilets at your workplace, you need to do something to fix this health and safety crisis. Best you do it before the magistrate lays a charge against you!
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Would the toilets in your workplace get slammed by the Cape Town Magistrate?
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