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Writing an SOP for your company? Follow these six rules to make sure works

by , 25 July 2013
A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) gives a detailed description of the process your employees must perform on a regular basis. It ensures they perform the task consistently with a standard method and policy. To ensure you have an effective SOP that meets its objectives, follow these six rules when writing your company's SOP to manage your company's equipment.

You need to manage and control your equipment to reduce your financial risk. This includes the risk of loss for health and safety equipment, such as PPE or first aid treatment materials, says the Health and Safety Advisor.

If your company equipment goes missing, it means you have to order new equipment that could cost you thousands. Depending on the type of equipment, it could take weeks for you receive it. This'll affect your production and delay your projects indefinitely.

And that's where the need to write a SOP to manage your company equipment comes in.

To ensure you create a SOP that'll benefit your company, it's crucial that you stick to these six rules.

Six rules to follow when writing your company's equipment use SOP

  1. Make sure the latest copy is available for employees to access either in hard or electronic copy.
  2. The supervisor of the process should take ownership of this document and make sure staff, especially new employees, has access to the SOP.
  3. Ensure SOPs are reviewed regularly to ensure any changes in the process have been documented.
  4. Changes should be made by the supervisor to ensure the SOP's applicable to the process and the process is streamlined.
  5. Track and document all changes. Keep the outdated versions in an archive.
  6. Ensure the SOP has a document number. Keep a register with all SOPs on it.

Abiding by these rules will help you write an effective SOP that'll be beneficial to your business.

Turn to chapter S17 of your Health and Safety Advisor  to read about the 12 Items you need include in your SOP for equipment control!


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Writing an SOP for your company? Follow these six rules to make sure works
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