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You can conduct a health and safety audit in just three steps

by , 02 June 2014
If you're starting to plan your safety audit, you're probably dreading the whole process. You have visions of spending hours interviewing everyone in your company.

It'll take a lot of resources to get this audit done and you're exhausted before you've even started.

But there's no reason to fear your safety audit anymore. You can do the whole process in three steps...

Simple, Fast, Efficient - use the Audit Smart programme and ensure you're 100% compliant with the OHS Act and 19 regulations
Follow these steps: 
- Install the programme
- Open the worksheet to the Act or regulation you want to check.
- Answer the compliance questions, by answering 1 for complying and 0 for not complying
- Your compliance report will automatically be generated.  Now you can quickly assess your  compliance level.

Three steps to a pain free health and safety audit

Here are the three health and safety audit steps the Health and Safety Advisor says you should do: 
Step 1: Have an opening meeting
This meeting should be open to all of your employees, but you must have at least one manager and your health and safety representative at the meeting. In this meeting you must:
- Tell everyone the scope and method of the audit;
- Explain what the audit aims to achieve;
- Remind them you're there to help them;
- Outline the auditor tasks; and
- Answer any questions your employees have about the process.
Step 2: Start the safety audit process
The point of the audit is to evaluate the effectiveness of your Health and Safety Management System. To do this, you need to gather objective information on: 
- The availability of current health and safety documents in the workplace;
- Risk profiles;
- Incident verification;
- Knowledge of your personnel; and
- Whether you documented the safety process.
Once you have all the information, move to the last step.
Are you responsible for compiling your SHE file?
Are you struggling to keep up-to-date with all the paperwork?
Do you waste your time formatting all the documents?
Are you stressed out about all your legal requirements?
Of course you are. You have enough on your plate already, and keeping up with paperwork isn't on the top of your to-do list. But unfortunately, it's part of your job because it's a legal requirement. And, you've answered 'YES' to at least half of the questions above.

The final step of the safety audit process

Step 3: Evaluate the information 
You must now evaluate all the information you gathered. You must look for holes or deviations from your health and safety plan.
To do this, ask these three questions:
1. What is the impact on the effectiveness of my health and safety programme?
2. What is the impact on products and services?
3. What must my management team and I do to fix the problem?
And that's your safety audit done, just like that. With these three steps, you'll never fear the safety audit process again. 

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You can conduct a health and safety audit in just three steps
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