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You think your workplace is safe, but have you done THIS to ensure it really is?

by , 24 November 2014
Assuming your workplace is safe is a huge mistake. After all, you can't just say 'well I think all my workplace safety in risk specific and my employees aren't in danger'.

This is dangerous! If your assumptions are wrong, your employees are in danger and you won't even know it.

That's why you have to assess your workplace health and safety to see if your assumptions are true.

Here's the one thing you must do to ensure your workplace really is safe...

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To check if your workplace is safe, do this

You need to do regular health and safety audits to check if your workplace health and safety programme is effective.
You can do these audits internally or you can hire an external company to do them. If you choose to do the audit yourself, find an employee with audit experience that understands the process. 
The advantage of doing the audit internally is, it costs less to ask your employee to do it than it costs to employ an external expert to do it.
But your employee may not be as thorough and, as a result, he may not spot something. To avoid this rather make health and safety audits a regular responsibility for your employee and give him the necessary training.
This will ensure the audit effectively spots health and safety problems and keeps your employees safe at work. 
If you still don't think doing a health and safety audit in your workplace is important, just look at how it helped this manufacturing plant in Canada.
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Here's how a health and safety audit saved this Canadian manufacture from disaster

Safetymanagementeduction.com studied an unnamed car manufacturing plant in Canada with 400 employees that used lots of machinery.
The safety manager believed the plant was safe and his employees weren't in danger. But after employees reported a number of injures, such as severe back strain and illnesses like lung infections, he decided to do a health and safety audit as a precaution.
The aim of this audit was to check if the plant really was as safe as he thought it was.
He asked an external company to do the audit and what they found shocked him.
The auditors discovered:
- There was a high risk of fire and explosion in the plant because of the natural gas employees worked with. This danger was even more serious because the supervisors couldn't measure the concentration of natural gas in the building. Because there was only one sensor in the plant (and it wasn't in an area where natural gas would collect) supervisors couldn't monitor their employees' exposure. 
- The natural gas lines, which needed maintenance every six months, hadn't had any done since their initial installation.
- The plant contained toxic materials that could seriously harm people and animals. Because of how they stored this material in the plant, it could have a devastating effect if there was an explosion. It could spread the materials up to one kilometer away from the plant. This could lead to illnesses or deaths of members of the public and harm animals in the environment.
These were dangers the safety manager of the plant wasn't even aware of. If he hadn't done the audit, these hazards could have caused a serious workplace accident.
Doing a health and safety audit in your company will also help you identify the kinds of hidden hazards in your workplace. 
So, set a date to do one A.S.A.P. to be sure your workplace truly is safe.
PS. For everything you need to do health and safety audits internally, check out Health and Safety Audit Smart.

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You think your workplace is safe, but have you done THIS to ensure it really is?
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