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Your employees are the key behind drawing up an effective health and safety budget

by , 06 January 2015
The point of a health and safety budget is to make sure you can afford all the safety requirements you need.

But how do you know what your requirements are?

Yes there are the legal requirements you need to factor in every year, but what about everything else?

You can do a risk assessment and safety audit, but these take time.

The good news is, there's a way to get all the information you need and fast and it all starts with your employees...


Here's how your employees can help you create an effective health and safety budget

Your employees experience your workplace on a daily basis. This means they know the dangers better than anyone else. 
But on top of that, they also see the conditions of your equipment, the work environment and even their colleagues' knowledge and behaviour. 
This means when it comes time to create your health and safety budget, your employees know exactly what you should include. 
They can tell you which machines need fixing and whether their PPE is old and needs replacing. 
The problem is how do you get this information from your employees in a way that won't turn into a stampede of health and safety complaints.
After all, the last thing you need is 50 employees all shouting different health and safety issues at you. 
That's why it's better to use one of these three methods to get this information from your employees.
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How to prepare your Health and Safety Budget

Use one of these three methods to get information for your health and safety budget from your employees

1. Use your health and safety representative as a filter 
Tell your health and safety rep to set up a meeting with all your employees. He must then ask your employees for health and safety issues and suggestions on how to fix them. 
Then he must take that list and stream line it so you know exactly what issues you need to focus on.
2. Tell your employees to fill in report and suggestion forms
Put report and suggestions forms in a public work area, such as the lunch room. Ask your employees to fill these in to report any health and safety issues. They can then include any suggestions on how to fix them. 
Put a box near by that employees can put their forms in.
3. Have an organised general meeting
Holding a general meeting to talk about these issues can work if you organise it properly. Call all your employees together and ask your health and safety reps and safety officers to manage them. 
It's important that only one person talks at a time. 
During the meeting take notes on what your employees say. 
Then take your notes to your health and safety committee to discuss what safety measures you need to include in your budget. 
Any of these three methods will help you find out exactly what you need to budget for. Just remember, if an employee gives you a suggestion on how to fix something, take it seriously. They'll often know how to fix a problem better than anyone. 
To find out more about how to create a health and safety budget, check out the Health and Safety Budget

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Your employees are the key behind drawing up an effective health and safety budget
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