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Your employees must follow these four rules during an evacuation

by , 15 September 2014
It's of vital importance to have an evacuation plan in place. It'll help your employees get out safely if there's an emergency.

But your employees need to remember these rules to get out safely. The best way to ensure they do is to keep the rules simple and straight forward.

To help you draw up this evacuation plan, we're revealing four rules you must include in it and that your employees must follow during an evacuation...


These four rules must be in your evacuation plan

Rule #1: Leave your desk immediately
Your employees must know they don't have time to quickly save their work and log off. They need to get up and go as soon as they hear your emergency alarm.
If they waste time at their desks, it could put them in even greater danger. Make sure everyone can hear your alarm so they know when to get out.
Rule #2: Don't run
It's important for your employees to move quickly, but they mustn't run. If they do, they could trip, fall or bump into things and cause them to fall. All of this wastes times and could put them in danger. 
They must walk quickly and be aware of who and what is around them so they don't bump into things.
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Rule #3: Don't crowd the emergency exit
Employees may all try cram through the emergency exit. This isn't a problem if the exit goes straight out into an open area. If it leads to an emergency exit stair case though, it becomes a serious problem. If everyone packs into the staircase it'll become hard for people to move. They could get stuck or fall and that'll cause more accidents.
Tell your employees to move calmly down the stairs in single or double rows.
Rule #4: Don't panic
The moment employees panic, they start to act irrationally. They may forget your procedures and act out of pure instinct. Find ways to help them stay calm so they can act in the right way.
These four rules will ensure your employees get out of your building in one piece. 

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Health & Safety Advisor.  It gives you tips, tools and advice to comply with the OHS Act and regulations.

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Your employees must follow these four rules during an evacuation
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