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Your Engineering Controller must do these six things if a fire breaks out at work

by , 03 October 2014
If machinery is a large part of your business or your office is a factory or plant, you need an Engineering Controller.

But his job doesn't just extend to maintaining your equipment. He has duties during a workplace fire as well.

He's a vital part of ensuring your factory and equipment don't cause any further harm during and after an emergency like a fire.

To do this, he must do these six things when your fire alarm goes off...


Six things your Engineering Controller must do during a workplace fire

1. When someone activates the emergency evacuation alarm, your Engineering Controller must go to the Security Operations Centre immediately.
2. He must coordinate all the activities that will make the site, plant and equipment safe.
3. He must receive the emergency teams at the scene of the incident.
4. He must ensure the affected work areas are safe for people before notifying the Emergency Coordinator that it's 'All Clear'.
5. Then he must organise all required maintenance and repairs where necessary.
6. Lastly, he must arrange and coordinate any external engineering or maintenance assistance if necessary to repair the plant and equipment damaged during the incident.
In addition, your Engineering Controller must remember this final point to do his job safely…
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Do your first aiders know what it is?

To do his job safely, your Engineering Controller must remember this important point

A factory is a dangerous place to be during and after a fire. Because of this, your Engineering Controller must wait until the fire it completely out before he inspects your equipment. Even more importantly, he must shut down as many power outlets as possible.
This stops any further dangers caused by failures in the electrical system because of the fire.
This way your Engineering Controller can do his job safely and help make your workplace safe again. 

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Your Engineering Controller must do these six things if a fire breaks out at work
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