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Your first aiders aren't just for emergencies! They have day-to-day duties too

by , 30 September 2014
It's not just during emergencies that your first aiders play an important role in your workplace. They have a vital role on a day-to-day basis as well.

They must help employees anytime they have minor injuries and they must monitor the contents of their first aider kits.

In fact, your first aiders have 13 day-to-day responsibilities.

Here's what they are...


Here are your first aider's 13 day-to-day responsibilities

1. First aiders should have a first aid kit that complies with the legal requirements.
2. First aiders must keep the first aid kits locked and there should be two keys. The first aider holds one key and the Department Manager the other.
3. During a shift change control, both first aiders must inspect the first aid kit.
4. This inspection includes counting the stock, listing it on a stock sheet and writing the name of the starting shift first aider under the last treatment entry.
5. Both first aiders must then sign the shift change control register and comment on any discrepancies. 
The first aider with the key to the first aid kit must hand it over to the starting shift first aider.
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6. Your first aider must provide medical treatment to injured persons at the workplace.
7. The first aider may only provide treatment to the extent of her certification level. There are three levels of certification and each has specific treatments that are legally allowable.
8. Your first aider must record any treatment she provides in the treatment register as follows:
- Full name of the person treated; 
- Their employee number or identity number; 
- How the injury happened; 
- The type of injury; and
- What items she used from the first aid kit to treat the injury.
9. When treatment is for the same injury to the same person, don't record it as a separate injury. Instead make it an added treatment to the first record.
10. Identify each injury by a number to ensure the First Aider doesn't record the repeat treatment twice. This ensures accurate injury statistics.
11. The First Aider is responsible for inspecting the first aid kit and checking that stock levels comply with legally required items. It's a good idea to keep a stock sheet in the first aid kit where the following issues are recorded:
- Stock coming in; 
- Stock used; and
- Stock balance.
This also assists during the shift change control and ordering of new stock processes.
12. At month-end, the First Aider should hand over the first aid treatment register to the Person Responsible for recording injury statistics.
13. When you return the register to the First Aider, the 'Responsible Person' (you) should record his signature and date of completion after the last treatment entry.
Ensure your first aiders fulfil these 13 responsibilities on a day-to-day basis.

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Your first aiders aren't just for emergencies! They have day-to-day duties too
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