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Your health and safety attempts mean nothing if you don't have 'buy in'

by , 17 July 2014
When you go ahead and put safety precautions in place and set up all the infrastructure on your own, you can do it just the way you want.

There's a problem with this though. You see, your company's health and safety programme isn't about what YOU want. It's about what protects your employees best.

This is why if you don't have 'buy in' from them and from management, you may as well not bother. But don't panic!

Just keep reading to discover how to get their buy in without any trouble...

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It's not difficult to get the 'buy in' of your employees and managers when it comes to health and safety

'Buy in' is all about getting your employees and managers to believe in and agree with the safety measures you put in place.
If you just force them to follow your health and safety rules this isn't going to happen. 
But if you simply involve them in the discussions about how to develop your health and safety programme they can contribute and will want to follow the rules.
So involve your employees and managers in discussions about these health and safety issues...

Involve your employees and managers in discussions on these safety issues to get their 'buy in'

Get your employees' and managers' input on:
- The risks the employees face during their work;
- Your employees' training needs;
- Your employees' working conditions;
- The condition your safety equipment is in;
- How effective your employees' PPE is; and
- Their suggestions on what you can do to fix any health and safety problems.
By getting their feedback on these matters, they're more likely to feel involved and therefore buy in to your health and safety programme.
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Your health and safety attempts mean nothing if you don't have 'buy in'
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