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Your health and safety representatives are entitled to seven things. Do you know what they are?

by , 21 September 2015
A health and safety representative is an employee who is chosen by other employees to represent them on issues relating to health and safety.

If you have more than 20 employees, you must designate a health and safety representative in writing.

She must be appointed within four months of the business opening.
If you have a health and safety representative for your business, then it is worth noting what she is entitled to.

Here are seven entitlements of health and safety representatives:

1.       Visit a workplace accident in a workplace over which she is designated.

2.       Be present at any inspection regarding that accident.

3.       Attend any investigation or formal enquiry relating to that accident.

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4.       View any documents relating to health and safety.

5.       Accompany any inspector from the Department of Labour on an inspection.

6.       Request assistance from a technical advisor for inspections. But only if you agree to this.

7.       Take part in any health and safety audit.

So, there were seven entitlements that health and safety representatives have in the workplace.

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Your health and safety representatives are entitled to seven things. Do you know what they are?
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